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Tips to keep in mind while going on a solo bike trip

Here are some of the tips which you should keep in mind before going for a road trip

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The motorcycles are the best companion for people who loves to ride. And doing a solo trip is the best solution to relax and enjoy the company of your own. But, going on a solo trip is not that easy. You won't be getting any sort of help if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. So, here are some tips which you should keep in mind before going on a road trip.

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1) Ready your bike

The first and foremost step is to get your motorcycle ready for the trip. You won't ever complete a successful road trip if your bike is not ready to counter a long journey. By this I mean check if any modification is needed to be done on your bike seat or handlebar for comfortable riding experience. Replace the damaged parts and check whether your bike needs service or not. You also need to get better headlights and side guards to ensure your own safety.


2) Always wear riding gears

You must wear proper riding gears on your solo road trip. Buy a good helmet, riding jacket (with proper protection padding), riding pants, knee pads and high ankle riding boots. Make sure that the gears you wear must fit you properly. Loose and baggy wearables will cause discomfort while riding. Dressing up well will increase your confidence and it will motivate others too.


3) Pack light

 Always try to pack light, by keeping disposable items. Moreover, roll your clothes instead of folding them. There's a big range of motorcycle luggage from which you can select the one best compatible for you. You can buy metallic bags, soft fabric ones, saddlebags, tank bags, tail bags and many other types of bags that you can find online or in moto stores near your place.


4) Remain Hydrated

Always carry water bottles while riding to prevent exertion. Keep an attachable water tube by which you don't need to take your helmet off while having water. Also, drink ample water whenever you take a break to keep yourself hydrated.


5) Know the Route

Always keep yourself updated with the routes and directions you need to follow to reach your final destination. People nowadays are quite blessed by Google Maps. So, take the help of Google maps to keep a check that you are moving towards the right direction and, if the maps don't work, you can also take help from passersby or other motorists for routes. 


6) Take enough breaks

Take enough breaks in regular interval of time. Do not try to cover a route by not taking a single halt. Riding motorcycle continuously for a long duration can be harmful and it's quite dangerous to ride for a long time in the same riding posture without and back support.


7) Start with a light stomach

Before riding, have a light breakfast by which you don't feel drowsy and sleepy. Carry some energy bars and light snacks by which you can grab a quick bite when hunger strikes you. You can also take a halt in midway for lunch. But remember do not consume any milk related product like curd or buttermilk.


8)  Keep yourself prepared for challenges

Challenges are the worst part of a road trip. To keep yourself away from any kind of mishap always carry parts like spark plugs, spare tubes, engine oil etc for bike related issues. And you must know how to fix basic bike related problems.


9) Stay motivated

Solo trips are fun but get a bit boring sometimes. If you really want to keep yourself motivated click photos, enjoy the beautiful roads, landscaped and happiness around you. Keeping yourself happy will give you an amazing and never forgettable riding experience.


10) Get Insurance

Before going on a road trip, check that your vehicle is insured. Having two-wheeler insurance can cover you against unexpected mishappenings. The bike insurance includes all the damages which can occur due to a sudden accident, riot, strike or natural calamities.

These are some of the tips you should keep in mind before kickstarting your solo road trip. Do not spoil it by doing some rubbish mistakes which can be avoided. Always wear a helmet and protection gear on your while riding.